Magical books, letters and other texts in German

The website wants to navigate you through the many different services of Jocado Einzelunternehmen – and wants to make you interested in creating magical books: perfect and comfortable to read.

Moreover, this website wants to give you some information about the myth book the owner of Jocado has written.


An email address for all services Jocado provides:

Let us create books, which are fascinating!

  • The proofreading shops org and offer you the opportunity to optimize your book, your letters or your other text – in German language. writes blog posts, speechs and more kinds of texts – amazing!

You can also order bespoke poetry in German:

  • The shop provides services for all situations and writes German lyrics for your special wishes.
  • The offering of is specialized on poems for weddings and writes poetry for weddings guests and poems for the couple which marries and let a speaker talk it.
  • The shop offers funny and romantic opportunities for poems which fits perfectly to your individual wishes for advents and christmas. We are sure: You will find a nice idea for a poem which creates a good mood in this wonderful time.

Target group of the services and content pages

As you can read on the single websites, the offering is for persons from youth up to a high age.

Customers are authors, persons, who want to make other people happy, pupils and students, people who apply in German, bosses from tomorrow and experienced companies – not only from Germany, but also from different countries like USA or England. Customers from every other country are welcome!

The services are very different and therefore interesting for a huge target group – and we don’t want to discriminate any group of people, but we have high idealistic aims.

Overview: Which services does Jocado Einzelunternehmen provide?

– Our professional proofreading services offers work on your text in different intensities for books of almost every kind like biography or scientific work.

– Jocado has more than 10 years experience with this kind of work.

– Another offering of Jocado is writing texts like blog posts, category pages and other texts for websites: You send us your briefing and we do exactly the service what you want – in the way you want it.

Environment protection with stand alone poetry

In Jocados Shop you can order German poems which are written about the topic you want – in the way you want: funny, sad, with special vocabulary and so on. Here you have the opportunity to let an experienced poetry texter create individual gifts – without any problem for nature because of a lack of waste – and as individual as possible: for birthday, christmas, easter, Valentine day, mothers day and any other situation.

We write your blog posts! You have more time for important things – or so that you can take a creative break. Just send us your detailed briefing, which answers all questions, so that we can produce the text immediately.

We help you with your job applications in German! Proofreading and writing of applications – also for scientific careers – this is not all we can do for you: We also can help you to create a really creative application which shows, that you really want to have a job. All information about this topic you find on the page

The small business with its services that are available international exists at Leipzig since 2022. In the time before it worked from Munich. We – the owner and sometimes also freelancers – work for private customers and business customers. Moreover, we are experienced in working together with customers from the hole world.